Dental Operating Microscopes, or dental surgical microscopes, are designed to provide ideal magnification of the area of the mouth being worked on while also allowing the clinician to maintain an ergonomic working position. This enables the dentist to maintain a comfortable position, obtain an optimal view of the working area, and focus on the patient. Most dental microscopes are controlled via foot pedal for hands-free operation. While microscopes are most often used during endodontic procedures, the enhanced magnification they provide can be ideal for use during oral surgery, laser dentistry, restorative procedures, and a range of other clinical situations.

In addition to the basic microscope, there are also additional options available. Binocular heads allow another dentist, tech or student to simultaneously view a surgery, while a camera attachment allows the images to be streamed to a monitor so an audience can view the surgery, providing a valuable teaching tool. These videos also can be recorder to allow for documentation of treatments. Installation options include wall mounting or a portable stand.